Personas are portraits of ideal customers, a sort of fictitious user profile which represent the needs, behaviors, interests and aspirations of real users. They are a representation of the characterizing traits of each user and of those that unite them as a group. Buyer personas are highly beneficial for your organization and they help you develop successful strategies that lead to growth. It is essential to know your customers hence the need to construct the so-called 'personas'. RFR international can create your 'personas' for you.

Personas are defined on the basis of information collected from various sources: questionnaires, interviews, user interaction with company sites and media profiles and their personal experience with the brand. The more specific the information, the more you can define the personas in detail. In defining the personas, any information that may be useful for the reconstruction of one's ideal customer is taken into account, such as:
Socio-demographic data: age, gender, geographic location, standard of living, employment, educational background
Consumption data: goods and services owned, purchase and consumption behaviors and drivers, needs
Psychographic data: behaviors, interests, values, expectations, beliefs, relationships

By identifying the different types of personas, a quality audience is defined that will be more proactive in brand conversions and in retaining brand loyalty. Precisely for this reason, RFR International has created the 'personas' of its proprietary panel, Identiclic, made up of over 16,000 carefully profiled Italian consumers.

Use Identiclic personas for your research projects to:

  • Verify the propensity and methods of use of your products with specific profiles already characterized by motivations, lifestyles and shared values.
  • Evaluate the brand image with respect to a segmentation highly oriented towards the intangible aspects of people and their lives.
  • Carry out product / service tests, capable of highlighting the transversal target with the highest potential for new products and services.
  • Use as an additional segmentation driver for studies conducted in partnership with RFR.

Designing your personas

RFR International can create your personas according to your specific needs, using the information of our panelists and possibly integrating those with your own data, information that may already be available internally in your company or that can be collected through an ad hoc survey. Advantages of defining your personas:

  • It can help you better define your audience. By knowing your customers on a deeper level, you will be able to communicate to each type of personas with specific messages. You will be able to understand more easily how to reach your customers on a more engaging level, building and offering them targeted products and services.
  • It's a way to examine the motivations, expectations and limitations of your customers. They can be used to guide decisions on a product or service. They help you identify the ideal ways to interact with your customers, by allowing you to target different groups appropriately.
  • It enables you to design the best experience for your customers, a key success factor in today's competitive environment.
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Creation of your personas

Buyer personas are highly beneficial for your organization and they help you develop successful strategies that lead to growth