RFR International is an independent field management agency and we conduct research in all main Italian sample points across the entire national territory.

We can take on all your qualitative and quantitative fieldwork requirements: translation of research material, recruitment of participants, incentive administration, moderation, simultaneous interpretation, note-taking, full typed transcriptions, analysis and reporting, data processing and elaboration. RFR International is your reliable partner in setting up and managing all conventional research methods: focus groups, ethnographic interviews, IDIs, pre-recruit to facility, desk research and usability tests. Studies can be conducted at one of our central locations or out in the field, in person or remotely. In keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies, we can also assist you with innovative, web-based solutions such as web surveys, diaries, forums and communities.

Extensive range of services:

  • Recruitment, free-find through proprietary access panel and with client-provided lists
  • Respondent incentive handling and distribution
  • Moderation of focus groups and interviews, in local language and in English
  • Design of research material (screener questionnaire, discussion guide, etc.)
  • Translation of research material
  • Simultaneous interpretation, back and forth translation
  • Test Drives
  • Real-time note-taking on PC
  • Full-typed transcriptions from audio recordings, in Italian and in English, with time stamps if requested
  • Analysis and reporting (topline, summary, full report; with and without client template)
  • Data processing for quantitative studies
  • Editing and coding of open-ended responses in survey questionnaires
  • Multi-country project management
Field & tab services

Full support at all stages of your research

Rome Field & Research International offers a full range of services for the realization of qualitative and quantitative projects in Italy and abroad, conducted face to face or online

Research consultancy

Tailor fit options based on your needs

We construct customized market research projects, from design to methodological choice, for start-ups and established companies, for public and private entities

Panel identiclic & identipharma

Selection of participants
identiclic & identipharma

identiclic, our proprietary access panel of consumers residing in Italy; identipharma, our proprietary pharma access panel of HCPs

UX & Usability tests

User experience sessions

We support companies with the development, evaluation and validation of apps, websites and products through direct user experience tests

focus group & idi venue

Happy to host your projects

We manage and conduct face to face projects, in Italy and abroad, in research facilities equipped with all the necessary technological equipment and comforts


Creation of your personas

Buyer personas are highly beneficial for your organization and they help you develop successful strategies that lead to growth