We offer full support, designing customized research from inception to results analysis for various activities. Our services cover every aspect of market research, whether qualitative or quantitative, conducted in Italy and throughout Europe, both in-person and online.


Market Research Solutions for Every Business

At RFR International, our team of seasoned professionals, with expertise ranging from marketing to business management, both domestically and internationally, enables us to recommend, design and execute research studies aligned with our clients' needs. Our consultancy services are tailored to suit businesses of all scales, from small enterprises to large industrial entities. The choice of research direction and team members is carefully guided by the specific analysis required and is at the core of the entire research process, starting from the selection of the most suitable methodology to the analysis of the data collected to ensure maximum effectiveness of the study. With our solid commitment to quality, skillful project management capabilities and comprehensive customer support, RFR International stands ready to deploy a myriad of solutions to assess the effectiveness of products or services. Our goal is to assist companies in refining their business strategies and achieving greater commercial success in a constantly evolving marketplace. Each project starts with an understanding of the attitudes and fundamental dynamics that identify their target market. Whether it's unraveling the subconscious decision-making processes of consumers or dissecting packaging communication, we identify the most appropriate methods and technologies to compile an analysis that the client can integrate and use in the development processes of their business. RFR International thus becomes a fundamental partner during pivotal moments of growth and development for every business, an indispensable ally to build a comprehensive competitive offer in the ever-evolving market landscape.

Key insights extracted from analysis employing the methodology of individual interviews for the development of a fitness sports brand

A skilled moderator guides a roundtable focus group discussion to explore participants' reactions to newly launched products

Testing sessions with end-users to assess the usability of a new website across desktop and mobile platforms, including Android and iOS

Our Services in Detail

  • In-person and online individual interviews
  • In-person and online focus groups
  • At-home ethnographic interviews
  • Desktop and mobile usability testing
  • Pre-recruit to research venue
  • Street-intercept interviews
  • In-store customer interviews
  • Diaries, bulletin boards and online communities
  • Creative workshops
  • Taste tests
  • Product testing at research venue or at respondent's home
  • CATI & CAWI surveys
  • Long-term panels

  • Screener questionnaire design
  • Discussion guide design
  • Participant recruitment through proprietary panels
  • Participant recruitment from client-provided lists
  • Moderation, in various languages
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Respondent incentive handling
  • Note-taking
  • Typed transcriptions
  • Translation of research materials
  • Analysis and reporting, also in English

  • UX Laboratory
  • Devices for Android and iOS testing
  • Devices for Windows desktop testing
  • Device mirroring in client observation room
  • Audio/video recording in Italian or foreign languages
  • Online video streaming of sessions

  • Screener questionnaire design
  • Main questionnaire design
  • Questionnaire programming and data collection
  • Quantitative data processing, including SPSS format
  • Editing and coding plan

Thanks to our partnerships with numerous specialized market research facilities, we can host your projects in all major Italian locations. To learn more about our venue in Rome, click here.

RFR International, the ideal partner for research institutes, universities, public entities, independent researchers, established companies and startups.