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Silvana Azzari

Founder & Field Manager


My professional journey began at Mesomark, a renowned market research institute, while I was still very young. This experience taught me invaluable lessons, from navigating the professional world to interacting with colleagues, and, most importantly, connecting with people as I embarked on my career as an interviewer.

From 1992 to 2000, I collaborated with various research institutes such as Ipsos, Doxa, Demoskopea, and Eurisko, assuming different roles beyond that of a quantitative interviewer. I coordinated and managed central locations, pre-recruits and quality control. In 2000, I joined the field team at RQ, working exclusively on qualitative surveys and an immediate passion sparked. Since 2002, alongside my current partners Giovanna Grillo and Silvia Franci, I co-founded Rome Field & Research International and after over two decades, we're still going strong. Federica joined our team in 2014. I find my profession captivating due to the diversity of topics we delve into, the people we meet and the meticulous attention to detail required to offer tailored services to our clients. I possess a keen ability to organize time effectively, prioritize tasks and manage multiple projects simultaneously. I thrive in both small and large-scale work environments and relish collaborative efforts. Outside of work, I am an avid reader, music enthusiast, cinema buff and enjoy visiting art exhibitions. I continue to dedicate much of my leisure time to traveling. I welcome new challenges and firmly believe that one is never too old to grow and keep pace with innovation.

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