Nestled in the vibrant Piazza Bologna district, our offices stand at the heart of Rome, conveniently close to the B underground metro line and the Tiburtina railway station. Within our venue, you'll find two meeting rooms and two viewing rooms with observation made possible through one-way mirrors. The location has its own private garden - a small green oasis amidst the bustling city, thoughtfully designed for year-round enjoyment. With a blend of classic elegance and state-of-the-art technology, and a dedicated team committed to welcoming and caring for guests, we provide a service that goes above and beyond, all within a comfortable work environment.

Our venue features 2 focus group rooms and 2 observation rooms that can work simultaneously on different projects. Both focus rooms are equipped with FHD PTZ SDI cameras, panoramic and/or wireless handheld microphones, as well as a dedicated line for UX labs via HDMI connection. The control room consists of 6 Blackmagic Video Assist 7" 12G terminals, allowing for live editing in MP4 format (up to 1080P) of multitrack files (original language and simultaneous translation track). Both rooms can concurrently live stream to two separate destinations, broadcasting either the original language version or the simultaneous translation on Social Media channels or RTMP servers, thanks to 2 fiber optic Internet lines.

  • Modular table
  • UX laboratory
  • Flipchart
  • TV monitor
  • PC
  • Video projector
  • Wi-Fi connection

  • Tailored catering options
  • Private car-hire and taxi arrangements
  • Audio recording in WAV or MP3 format
  • Black and white and color printing in A4 format
  • Participant welcome services

One Venue, Multiple Solutions

Our venue offers versatile solutions with two focus group rooms designed for various research methodologies. One room features a modular table for individual interviews, dyad or triad setups, while the other offers a spacious meeting table ideal for focus groups, workshops and creative sessions. The setup can be tailored to specific needs, accommodating groups with children, taste tests, product trials and shelf tests for purchase simulations. Both rooms are equipped with one-way mirrors. Additionally, one of the two meeting rooms adjoins two observation rooms, each equipped with interpreter stations, making accommodation of larger or multilingual teams feasible. Our office is equipped with up-to-date video recording systems and dual fiber optic Wi-Fi networks, ensuring seamless connectivity for guests and enabling live streaming on major platforms like Zoom, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or customized RTMP, with options for both Italian and simultaneous translation. With an independent street entrance, our venue is ideal for quantitative tests using street intercept recruitment. Our location features a fully equipped kitchen for food and beverage storage and service. Beyond research needs, our venue is an excellent choice for hosting corporate workshops, presentations, professional meetings, briefing and debriefing sessions, training courses and team-building activities. Thanks to partnerships with numerous facilities, we can host your projects in major locations across Italy and Europe.

RFR International: the ideal location for your research in Rome.