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About us

Our vision, our objectives and our best solutions for your projects

Rome Field and Research International (RFR International) was founded in 2002 to support national and international market research companies and research users. Our team is made of highly trained professionals, that have spent the most part of their careers working in the marketing sector around the world. Our objective is to assist those who want to include Italy in their research project. We can take on all your fieldwork requirements: translation of research material, recruitment (with particular specialization in recruitment using client-provided lists), incentive handling, moderation, simultaneous translation, note-taking, transcriptions, analysis and reporting, data processing and elaboration.

Our expertise in qualitative and quantitative research, across a range of sectors, makes us a reliable partner in coordinating your fieldwork activities. We specialize in setting up and managing focus groups, IDIs in central location and in-field, telephone interviews, ethnographic interviews, quantitative at-home interviews, web usability tests and desk research.

RFR International owns two proprietary access panels. Thanks to Identiclic and Identipharma, we are also able to offer a in-house recruitment services for both consumer and medical research.


What we do


A facility with character and style in the center of Rome designed to create a comfortable and relaxed environment. We are a short walk away from one of the main subway lines. Our facility is situated in a beautiful epoch-period building with independent access to ensure absolute privacy. We have two meeting rooms each with its own client viewing room, both with one-way mirror, air conditioning, WI-FI, digital audio and video recording. Our location offers a very pleasant private garden area. RFR International's facility is also strategically located for street intercept quantitative tests. Our rooms are Focus Vision equipped offering clients who cannot personally attend the research the possibility to view the study remotely by simply logging on from home, the office or anywhere they have high speed Internet access, thus eliminating the need to travel.

Recruitment & Research

We are able to carry out:

  • Advertising Research;
  • Packaging / Design tests;
  • Brand Research;
  • B2B and B2C Studies;
  • Concept / Positioning Studies;
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies;
  • Ethnographic Research;
  • International Studies;
  • Product Testing and Home Use Tests;
  • Store Tests and Exit Interviews;
  • Online diaries and bulletin boards;
  • Web-usability tests.

Plus, we recruit target groups from our two databases: Identiclic (4000+ contacts), and Identipharma, a highly profiled database of physicians of various specializations from both public and private medical institutes in addition to pharmacists, nurses and KOLs that allows us to conduct research in a wide range of therapeutic areas.


Our objective is to assist our clients in developing successful businesses using research as a tool for better market decision making. Our know-how allows us to custom-tailor and design your research and/or carry out the selected methodology of the client timely and cost-efficiently while maintaining the highest of quality standards.

We collaborate with some of the most renowned
market research institutes, among which:

Evolution Consulting & Research
Issues & Answers
User Test Lab

Our location
We look forward to hosting your next project at our facility



RFR's viewing facility is located in a recently renovated, epoch-period building. Though in a thriving area, the location dwells on a quiet, residential street. You'll find elegance, comfort and hospitality.



Our site offers a private garden, patio area, kitchen and two separate entrances. Hotels at discounted rates and car parking are located in the vicinity.

Focus group room 1

Focus group room 1

Beautifully furnished suite that hosts up to 12 respondents. Flipcharts and stationary are of course provided throughout.

Client room 1

Client room 1

The client area accommodates up to 6 observers and it is equipped with a personal computer, high-speed WI-FI, private telephone, fax and printer.

Focus group room 2

Focus group room 2

Round-table set-up; hosts up to 10 respondents. Vibrant colors, modern-style furnishings and last generation video projector.

Client room 2

Client room 2

The client area accommodates larger groups of observers (up to 8 people). It is equipped with a personal computer, WI-FI and private telephone.



Conveniently located near one of the city's two underground lines and only a few stops away from Rome's main central train station. From Fiumicino Airport we can be reached either by public transport or by private car escort service, arranged upon request.

Technical equipment

Technical equipment

Example of our LAB for Usability Testing. Technical equipment includes: Focus Vision equipped rooms, audio and video digital recording, set-up for simultaneous interpretation, TV with DVD players. Clients are pampered to excellent catering and refreshments; menus can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Allestimento interviste individuali

Individual interviews

Informal set-up for example for individual interviews.

Allestimento interviste individuali

Ad-hoc set-up

Ad-hoc set-up for creative sessions with children.

Medical/pharmaceutical research through focus groups


We organize consumer and medical/pharmaceutical research through focus groups, IDIs in central location and in-field, telephone interviews, ethnographic interviews, quantitative at-home interviews, web usability tests and desk research.

Our expertise in qualitative and quantitative research


We can take on all your fieldwork requirements: translation of research material, recruitment, incentive handling, moderation, simultaneous translation, transcriptions and reporting.

Meet our team

The founders of RFR International come from different professional experiences

Mrs Silvana Azzari
Managing Director
and Field Manager

Over thirty years professional background in the market research sector. In the early 1980's she began as a free-lance interviewer for some of the most renowned market research institutes in Italy including Mesomark Group, Art, Demoskopea, Ipsos, Doxa and Millward Brown. In the early 1990's she took on the role of central location supervisor for a number of prestigious institutes. Since 1998 she is specialized as Field Manager coordinating large-scale projects, also at an international level. A quality-oriented, highly skilled and professional individual with acute organizational abilities. A problem-solver able to anticipate potential ‘potholes' and take preventive measures so project flow remains smooth at all times.


Mrs Silvia Franci
Operations Manager
and Co-Managing Director

An individual with particular attention in ensuring the efficient and smooth running of company operations and projects. Has been applying her operational know-how in the market research sector for almost 15 years. Possesses valuable organizational and project management skills with an ability to multitask. Apt to look at the wider picture and devise priorities that meet company goals. Proven experience in driving teams to reach their targets, deliver projects on time and within budget. Vast familiarity in resource and productivity management that ensure high standards of work. Her background also includes a decade of key roles such as Senior Life Planner in the Insurance sector and Production Assistant in movie productions.


Mrs Giovanna Grillo
Director of International Research
and Co-Managing Director

A Project Director in the market research industry for 15 years with strong interpersonal relations skills and accustomed to dealing with an international clientele. Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a major in Marketing and a Master of Science in Management earned at Boston University. Has acquired extensive experience working as the manager of marketing, sales and communication departments of various international companies both in the United States and in Italy. A team leader accustomed to work under pressure and to meet deadlines, attentive to detail and accuracy. Strong business development skills with a proven track record in improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Giovanna Grillo is member of Esomar, AQR, PMRG.



RFR International is always looking for selected candidates ready to put themselves at stake in a challenging training program designed to develop competencies and skills.

There are no job openings at the moment.

However, we accept and review resumes for the following free-lance collaborators who have expertise in the field of medical/pharmaceutical market research with a strong preference for bilingual professionals (Italian - English):

  • Researchers.
  • Qualitative Moderators.
  • Simultaneous translators.
  • Transcribers.
  • Note takers.

For spontaneous applications, send resume and short motivational letter to the following email address info@rfr-international.net.

Contact us


Via Carlo Bartolomeo Piazza, 16/18
00161 Rome (Italy)
near Bologna station, Metro B







How to reach us:

from Roma Fiumicino International Airport

public transportation: from the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport take the "Leonardo Express" train which will take you directly to ROMA TERMINI central railway station. From there take subway B line (direction: Rebibbia) for 3 stops; get off at Bologna station. We are a short walk away from the Bologna station.

by car: here for details

from Termini railway station

public transportation: subway B line (direction: REBIBBIA) for 3 stops; get off at Bologna station. We are a short walk away from the Bologna station.

by car: here for details

from Tiburtina railway station

public transportation: subway B line (direction: TERMINI-LAURENTINA) for 1 stop; get off at Bologna station. We are a short walk away from the Bologna station.

by car: here for details

A private car escort service can be arranged upon request.

Nearby hotels:

Hotel Mercure Roma piazza Bologna (*)
via Reggio Calabria, 54
00161 Roma (RM)
Tel: 06.440741, 06.7001874
Fax: 06.44245461, 06.7005781

Hotel Mercure Roma
Delta Colosseo (*)

via Labicana, 144
00184 Roma (RM)
Tel: 06.770021
Fax: 06.7005781

(*) Discounted rates available at Hotel Mercure Roma Piazza Bologna and Hotel Mercure Roma. Before booking your room, please contact RFR International for details on how to take advantage of the discount.